A Little Me Time

Change is in the air here on the farm, there are three new baby goats joining the four eight week olds. Which means new moms on the milking stand and time for some of the older moms to dry up and focus on their new pregnancies.

Its funny how quickly the Milkhouse Girls get into a routine on the milk stand. Even when they have dried up they want their turn for a little “me” time and a quiet pre-breakfast snack.

Goat eating on the milking stand
Heidi having an eàrly breakfast on the milking stand.

Othertimes, they will turn their nose up at the whole thing and refuse even to acknowledge your existence. Then is the time to pull out a cookie and a little “Hey Dovie, it’s just me, we can do this”.

Picture of Nubian goat.
Dovie’s sweet face.

Hope everyone gets a little “me” time and a cookie today!

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